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Permanent Jewelry Training: Insights from Taylor's Experience

Permanent Jewelry Training: Insights from Taylor's Experience


Are you interested in becoming a permanent jewelry artist? Meet Taylor, who has been running a successful permanent jewelry business for the past few months. She started her training in mid-September and has been learning the ins and outs of the business ever since. Despite having no prior business or jewelry-making experience, Taylor has been doing well due to her persistence and confidence.

When Taylor first started out, she reached out to a friend who owns a salon to host her first event. She was unsure of what to expect but was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. The event was a success, and it gave her the confidence she needed to continue pursuing her business. Word of mouth has been the most effective way for her to attract customers. After her successful first event, other local businesses began to host holiday events and invited her to sell her permanent jewelry. Taylor feels fortunate that word of mouth has been working so well for her.

When asked about how she manages her permanent jewelry business and being a mother of two, Taylor said that she loves the flexibility of being able to make her own schedule. She is able to schedule events around her family's schedule, which has been a huge blessing for her. Her husband runs his own business, so she works around his schedule as well.

Taylor makes most of her income from private parties. She believes that private parties are more personable and less stressful than larger events. Additionally, she feels that there is always a guarantee to have a certain number of people at a private party. However, events are still important for her business as they allow her to get out into the community and meet new people to invite to her private parties.

When it comes to their work as a permanent jewelry artist, Taylor books appointments in 15-minute increments, but they usually don't need that much time for each person. She also emphasizes the importance of good communication with clients and making sure they feel taken care of. Her drive for success in their work comes from a desire for a specific end result, which they see as a quick fix for a particular feeling. She also stresses the importance of making mistakes and learning from them, encouraging others to not give up if they encounter obstacles or make errors.

Taylor enjoys doing private parties, especially those with children, and building relationships with people in the community. She recalls a memorable private party she did for a bridal shower, where she provided matching bracelets and anklets for the bride and bridesmaids. Finally, she suggest that hosts of private events can add value by offering fun extras such as finger foods or mimosas.

Taylor mentioned that she has a script that she follows when introducing people to permanent jewelry, especially if it's their first time trying it. She mentions that the product is addictive and that people will likely want more, even if they don't get it that day. She also mentions that people often panic when they hear that the product is permanent, but she enjoys having the opportunity to educate them about what permanent jewelry actually is actually is.

When asked what she would tell people who are scared to make the initial investment, Taylor advises them not to be scared and to just do it. She believes that if someone is thinking about trying the product and doesn't do it, they will always regret not doing it. However, if they do try it, they will likely be glad that they did. Taylor expresses interest in hearing from people who tried the training and didn't like it, as she feels she could possibly talk them back into trying it again.

If you're interested in becoming a permanent jewelry artist, there are several things you can learn from Taylor's experience. First, be persistent and confident in your business. Second, make use of word of mouth to attract customers. Third, be confident in your work.


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