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Adding Permanent Jewelry to Your Boutique: Tips and Insights from Larysa

Adding Permanent Jewelry to Your Boutique: Tips and Insights from Lary




If you own a boutique and are looking for ways to bring in extra income during slower months, adding permanent jewelry to your offerings may be a smart move. Permanent jewelry, also known as claspless jewelry, is becoming increasingly popular across the United States, and it offers a unique opportunity for boutiques to offer something new and different to their customers.

To learn more about how to add permanent jewelry to your boutique, we spoke with Larysa, the owner of Meraki, a boutique in Sydney, Montana. Larysa is a student of LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training and has successfully added permanent jewelry to her boutique. She shared some tips and insights on how to get started and make it work.


How Larysa Got Interested in Permanent Jewelry

Larysa first heard about permanent jewelry through TikTok. She saw that it was becoming popular across the United States and started researching it on Google. That's how she found LINKED and decided to take the plunge and add permanent jewelry to her boutique.


Why Permanent Jewelry is a Smart Addition to a Boutique

Larysa found that adding permanent jewelry to her boutique was a great way to bring in extra income during slower months. She had a test period in November where she gave clients a discount for practice, and didn't start diving into it until December. So far, her revenue for December and January has been around $9900, and going forward, she has 73 appointments booked for February. Some clients come back for more than one bracelet, which increases profits per appointment.

Larysa emphasizes the importance of creating an experience for customers. She has set up a space in the back of her store with a floral wall and a neon sign to create an inviting and relaxing environment. She believes that it's not just about buying and selling a product but also creating a memorable experience for customers.


How to Advertise Permanent Jewelry in Your Boutique

Larysa primarily utilizes Facebook to advertise her jewelry-making business, as other forms of advertising such as newspapers are expensive. She creates Facebook events and posts, sharing them to different groups, and relies on word-of-mouth to spread the word. Word travels fast in a small town, and people from out of town often end up driving to her location for the weekend because there is no one else in the area that offers the same service.

Larysa also notes that customers often come back for more, such as one lady who has eight bracelets from her business. The interviewee herself wears multiple pieces of jewelry as well, which serves as an advertisement when she's out in public. She's had numerous people stop her and ask about her jewelry after seeing her Facebook posts, and she's able to show them what she has to offer.


Larysa's Experience with Permanent Jewelry Training

When asked about her experience with the permanent jewelry training program, Larysa notes that it only took her about three days of practice to get comfortable with the welds and settings. She also praises the support provided by the program and the instructor, Sarah, who is very helpful and responsive to questions. LINKED provides photos and videos for her to use in her own marketing efforts, and as she doesn't have the time to create her own, this has been great for her social media presence.


Final Thoughts

Larysa encourages other boutique owners who may be on the fence about starting a permanent jewelry business to take the plunge and put in the work to make it successful. She emphasizes the importance of putting oneself out there and stepping out of your comfort zone.



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