From Academia to Entrepreneurship: Rachel's Journey in Permanent Jewelry

From Academia to Entrepreneurship: Rachel's Journey in Permanent Jewel


Meet Rachel, a college professor hailing from Orange County, California, who, along with her business partner Jessica, embarked on a remarkable journey into the world of permanent jewelry just a year ago. Their transition from academia to entrepreneurship has been nothing short of extraordinary, with their venture on the verge of surpassing $200,000 in earnings. In this blog post, we'll delve into Rachel's experiences and insights, shedding light on her path to success and how their venture has thrived in the realm of permanent jewelry.


Effective Communication as a Foundation

Rachel brings a unique skill set to her business. As a college professor specializing in communication, with a focus on public speaking and interpersonal skills, her expertise has played a pivotal role in their business journey. Her ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and non-verbally, has proven to be invaluable in connecting with clients and explaining the concept of permanent jewelry – a field many people are still unfamiliar with.


Building Strong Client Relationships

One of the cornerstones of Rachel and Jessica's business is their commitment to building robust client relationships. They prioritize providing exceptional customer support and assure their clients that they're there to support them, even if issues arise with their jewelry. This approach fosters trust and loyalty among their clientele, a vital aspect of their success.


Collaboration Over Competition

In an industry that has seen a growing number of practitioners, Rachel firmly believes in a collaborative approach over a competitive one. Instead of viewing fellow artists as rivals, they've established friendships within the permanent jewelry community and actively collaborate with them to mutually benefit from various events and opportunities. This approach not only strengthens their network but also contributes to their business's growth.


Rachel and Jessica's Road to Success

Rachel and Jessica's journey in the jewelry business has seen remarkable growth. From their humble beginnings of earning $500 at their first event, they've evolved into a business grossing over $2,500 at successful events. Their journey highlights the significance of valuing themselves and their services.

Initially, they had reservations about whether people would pay their prices, but they quickly grasped the importance of offering quality products and top-notch customer service. They've learned the value of standing firm on their pricing, refusing to negotiate, and maintaining the integrity of their brand. Their mindset transformed from doubting their worth to confidently believing in the quality of their products and services. They've even introduced higher-priced luxury items, which have found a market.


Quality Over Compromise

Rachel shared a compelling anecdote about a potential customer who initially opted for a cheaper alternative but later regretted it when the subpar product tarnished. This story underscores their unwavering commitment to quality and their willingness to educate customers about the value of their products.


The Role of Confidence and Continuous Learning

Rachel and Jessica have emphasized the importance of confidence, commitment, and continuous learning in their journey. They've stressed the value of starting with a reputable training program, like the one provided by Linked, highlighting that while training is essential, success ultimately depends on an individual's commitment and dedication to applying the knowledge gained.

Their journey also includes starting with a basic machine and later upgrading to a more advanced one, emphasizing the importance of gradual growth and investment. Maintaining composure and confidence, even when facing challenges, is another key aspect of their success. Rachel drew parallels to the aviation industry, where remaining calm and collected during crises is essential.



In conclusion, Rachel and Jessica's success in the jewelry business exemplifies the combination of quality products, strong self-belief, dedication to research, and maintaining professionalism even under pressure. Their journey underscores the importance of professionalism, flexibility, risk-taking, and staying committed to growth while effectively representing their brand in the competitive world of permanent jewelry.

Their story serves as an inspiration for those considering a career shift or entering the field of permanent jewelry. Rachel's background in communication, coupled with their unwavering commitment to quality and client relationships, offers valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs in this evolving industry.

Follow their journey and learn more by connecting with Rachel on Instagram @ParkerJ.PJ.

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