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From Bali to Two Thriving Permanent Jewelry Stores: An Inspiring Interview with Sarah

From Bali to Two Thriving Permanent Jewelry Stores: An Inspiring Inter


Discover the captivating journey of Sarah, a trailblazer who went from living in Bali to owning not just one, but two thriving permanent jewelry stores. In this insightful blog post, we delve into Sarah's inspiring experience and how she conquered challenges, embraced her intuition, and found success in the fascinating world of permanent jewelry.

Sarah's journey into permanent jewelry began unexpectedly during her travels in Scottsdale, Arizona. As she strolled through the vibrant downtown area, she stumbled upon a unique store showcasing permanent jewelry artistry. The enchanting vibe and allure of the art form instantly captivated her. Though she was aware of the ever-changing trends in the beauty industry, Sarah found herself drawn to this exceptional craft.

Over a year and a half ago, Sarah's fascination with permanent jewelry took root, and she began to observe its steady growth. However, at that time, she was bound for Bali, following her heart's desire to live there. Despite the urge to explore the art form, she held back, waiting for the right time and place.

Upon returning from Bali in February 2023, Sarah decided to embark on her journey with permanent jewelry. Testing the waters, she initiated a passion project, conducting pop-up events on weekends. Unexpectedly, her venture took flight, beyond her wildest expectations. Her determination, coupled with the undeniable appeal of permanent jewelry, led to rapid growth and enthusiastic responses from clients.

Sarah's bold move was not fueled by extensive market research but rather by her powerful intuition. She followed her gut feeling, convinced that this path was meant for her. She recognized the importance of trusting oneself and acknowledging fear while pushing forward, regardless of competition or perceived challenges.

Having previously worked as a mindset and intuitive coach, Sarah understood the significance of cultivating a mindset of abundance. Instead of dwelling on the fear of competition, she shifted her focus to what she could bring to the table. By nurturing her energy and exuding positivity, she attracted clientele who appreciated her unique offerings and value.

Sarah's venture started with a store in Gig Harbor, Washington, and quickly surpassed initial expectations, reaching an impressive $20k within three months. Building on this remarkable achievement, she is now set to open another store in St. George, Utah. By setting up a reliable communication system with her team, Sarah fosters an environment of work-life balance, ensuring that her employees flourish in their roles.

Reflecting on her journey, Sarah attributes her success to the valuable support and resources she received from permanent jewelry training. The comprehensive training equipped her with essential skills, from machine setup to safety procedures, allowing her to confidently launch her business. Moreover, the training community became a wellspring of knowledge, where she exchanged ideas, learned from others' experiences, and enhanced her understanding of pricing models and customer service.

For Sarah, excellent customer service is the cornerstone of her business. Inspired by her experience in Bali, she endeavors to make her clients feel seen, heard, and valued. Beyond merely adorning customers with jewelry, Sarah focuses on creating a memorable experience that leaves a lasting impression. This approach has garnered rave reviews and fostered a loyal customer base.

Sarah's extraordinary journey from a Bali-based dreamer to a successful owner of two permanent jewelry stores is a testament to the power of intuition, mindset, and exceptional customer service. Her story illuminates the significance of taking bold steps, trusting one's instincts, and embracing the joy of creating meaningful experiences for clients. As she sets her sights on new horizons, Sarah's path continues to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs in the fascinating world of permanent jewelry.

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