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From Permanent Makeup to Permanent Jewelry: An Interview with Sabrina on Her Journey and Training Course

From Permanent Makeup to Permanent Jewelry: An Interview with Sabrina

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On this interview, I talked with LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training student Sabrina, a permanent makeup artist in St Pete, Florida who has recently added permanent jewelry to her services. In this YouTube video, Sabrina shares her insights on the growing trend of permanent jewelry and what inspired her to pursue this field.

Sabrina's journey into the world of permanent jewelry began with her passion for helping women feel confident. As she continued to perfect her craft in the beauty industry, she noticed a growing demand for permanent makeup and began offering services in this field. It was during this time that she discovered permanent jewelry and saw an opportunity to expand her skill set even further.

In the video, Sabrina shares her thoughts on the benefits of permanent jewelry, including the convenience and confidence it provides to clients. She also discusses the importance of proper training and certification, emphasizing the need for aspiring permanent jewelry artists to receive comprehensive instruction before offering services to the public. She highly recommends Linked Permanent Jewelry Training.

For those interested in pursuing a career in permanent jewelry, Sabrina offers helpful advice and resources. She recommends LINKED because they cover a wide range of topics, including safety protocols, welding permanent jewelry, and marketing & business. Additionally, she stresses the importance of investing in quality equipment and supplies to ensure optimal results for clients.

Sabrina is a skilled permanent makeup artist with years of experience under her belt. In this interview, she talks about how she became interested in the field of permanent makeup and eventually added permanent jewelry to her list of services.

As she continued to work in the field, Sabrina became interested in the idea of adding permanent jewelry to her repertoire. She saw it as a natural extension of her existing services, and believed that it would be a great way to offer her clients even more options for enhancing their appearance.

In the interview, Sabrina talks about the various types of permanent jewelry that she offers, including anklets, necklaces and permanent bracelets. She also discusses the process of applying permanent jewelry, which involves using a permanent jewelry welder to attach the metal together.

One of the most interesting things about Sabrina's approach to permanent jewelry is that she focuses heavily on customization. She believes that everyone's style is unique, and that permanent jewelry should reflect that. As a result, she works closely with each client to create a piece of jewelry that is tailored specifically to their needs and preferences.

Sabrina also discusses the benefits of permanent jewelry, such as the fact that it doesn't need to be removed for activities like swimming or showering. She notes that many of her clients appreciate the convenience of permanent jewelry, and that it can be a great option for people with busy lifestyles.

Sabrina is a truly passionate and knowledgeable artist. She clearly loves what she does, and is dedicated to providing her clients with the highest level of service possible. If you're interested in learning more about permanent jewelry, or are considering adding it to your list of services, this video is definitely worth checking out. Sabrina is also the go-to permanent jewelry business in St Pete, FL.

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