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From Stay-at-Home Mom to Successful Jewelry Artist: How Melissa Found Balance and Income with Permanent Jewelry

From Stay-at-Home Mom to Successful Jewelry Artist: How Melissa Found


If you're looking to start a new business and earn a supplemental income, you may want to consider becoming a permanent jewelry artist. This is exactly what Melissa did when she began her own business in early December while studying esthetics and being a mother of six children. Melissa's primary goal was to find a source of income that would allow her to be present for her family, and permanent jewelry turned out to be the perfect solution.

Despite being a student and a mother of six children, Melissa has been able to find a balance between her personal and professional life. She's primarily been earning her income from pop-up events and private parties. She's been averaging about $800 to $2000 per event, which is quite impressive, and she's been blessed with a lot of business despite the fact that permanent jewelry isn't very popular in her area yet.

When asked about the resources she used to start her business, Melissa mentioned that she watched all of the resources provided by Linked’s course. She's into mindset and goal-setting, and the course helped her with that aspect of her business. Melissa has done a variety of events so far, ranging from craft shows to large private events like birthday parties and Botox and jewelry parties.

Melissa started her business by taking an online course from Linked Permanent Jewelry Training. She says that the resources provided by the course were invaluable, and she recommends it to anyone interested in making jewelry. Melissa says that if she had tried to teach herself how to make jewelry, she would have had a lot more speed bumps and less support. She appreciates that the course not only provided her with the training and knowledge she needed but also gave her access to quality support and marketing materials.

Linked Permanent Jewelry Training was created with the goal of providing students with the resources they need to start a business, and Melissa agrees. She also mentions that she has not bought any jewelry-making products from anywhere else because she has seen horror stories in Facebook groups about the quality of the products. Melissa is a hands-on learner and has been practicing with different materials, including making bracelets for her daughters. She's found the videos provided by Linked Permanent Jewelry Training to be easy to follow and has appreciated the support she received from the company, including a call from Sarah on Facebook Messenger to walk her through some steps.

Melissa has been active in the company's Facebook group, which she finds to be a helpful resource for getting questions answered and finding solutions to problems. She also mentions that she has off-limit days for her family time and doesn't budge on those days. She makes sure to give her clients options for scheduling appointments while also respecting her family time and boundaries.

When it comes to displaying and pricing her jewelry, Melissa suggests using a tablecloth and a vase with feathers to make the display look pretty. The interviewer adds that having clear signs that show the price of the jewelry can help avoid sticker shock for customers. Melissa currently prices her pieces per inch based on the material used and sometimes offers discounts for second pieces depending on the event she is attending. She notes that she chose this pricing structure because it is simple and easy to manage while she is in full-time school and has other commitments.

Melissa suggests that anyone interested in making jewelry should try it out and not be afraid to make the initial investment, as they may regret not doing it. She's been able to find a balance between her personal and professional life, and she's been able to earn a supplemental income while still being present for her family. If you're interested in learning more about permanent jewelry, consider taking an online course from Linked Permanent Jewelry Training. With the right training and support, you too can start your own successful permanent jewelry business.