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From Stay-at-Home Mom to Successful Jewelry Maker: How Online Training Changed Michelle's Life

From Stay-at-Home Mom to Successful Jewelry Maker: How Online Training


Are you looking for a new opportunity to make some extra income? Look no further than LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training! Michelle was in the same boat, searching for a way to supplement her family's income while still being able to stay home with her kids. She stumbled upon LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training, and it changed her life.

Michelle had been searching for a local place to get permanent jewelry done, but to no avail. She turned to the internet and discovered LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training. After some research and talking to someone from LINKED, Michelle was convinced that this was a good opportunity and signed up in October.

She received her kit in early November and had a week of practice before starting a soft opening and then began doing pop-ups. As a busy stay-at-home mom of four, homeschooling kids aged 7, 5, 4, and 2, Michelle needed something for herself on the side and to bring in some extra income.

Despite only working 10 times since getting the kit, with a couple of events in November, a couple in December, and a bunch in January, Michelle was able to bring home just over $20,000. She was amazed that working just 10 times could be so life-changing for her family. She no longer has to worry about the grocery bill and can cut corners without sacrificing the quality of food. The extra income also allows them to treat themselves guilt-free.

Michelle works at night, so she does not miss any important events with her children, such as basketball games or softball games. She also notes that she has done very few events in the mornings or daytime. The flexibility of the job allows her to be a great mother while still making a significant income.

The Facebook group for the company has been more helpful than the troubleshooting materials provided with the kit, according to Michelle. She appreciates the supportive and knowledgeable community of other women who share tips and ideas with each other. Michelle also notes that she has not looked at other permanent jewelry companies, but from what she has heard, the community for this particular company is unmatched.

Michelle had no prior experience with welding or making jewelry, but she is crafty and handy and enjoys working with her hands. She finds making jewelry to be almost meditative and gets into a zone where she can just focus on the small details. She feels more confident having her own business compared to being involved with MLM companies, which she finds pressuring and sales-focused. Instead, she loves seeing the way people react to her jewelry and how it adds something beautiful to their lives without any pressure to buy.

Before starting her own jewelry-making business, she worked as a teacher for six years and was a stay-at-home mom after that. She recently co-wrote a children's book with her husband and is involved in the children's world. She doesn't have a big social media presence either, with only around 250 followers on Instagram that grew organically. Despite this, her business has been growing organically as well, with people sharing her work and her events becoming more successful each time.

In conclusion, permanent jewelry training online is a great opportunity for anyone looking to supplement their income while still being able to stay home and take care of their family. Michelle found success with the help of LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training and encourages others to consider investing in the course and kit. The investment is a no-brainer, and the resources and support provided by the platform are essential for success in the competitive business world. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for permanent jewelry training online today!