Amanda Randolph - Sept 03 2022

How Profitable Is Permanent Jewelry?

In the beauty industry today, business owners are always looking for the newest and latest trend. Whether it be in skin care, hair, or even beauty products, we are constantly on the hunt for something new to offer our customers. And now there’s permanent jewelry, a trend taking over TikTok and social media that has become a true statement of sustainable fashion. As a concept, jewelry that you leave on 24/7 is nothing novel. But now, having the option to weld on jewelry pieces is an extremely attractive convenience. Aside from never worrying about losing your jewelry, there are tons of benefits to this amazing new trend—  it can minimize time getting ready, provide a sense of minimalism, and can even be a token of love or friendship, just to name a few.  So the question is— is permanent jewelry truly becoming the beauty industry's next big movement? And as an entrepreneur or business owner, you may be wondering if investing in permanent jewelry is a wise decision. Well, wonder no more—I'm here to give you the lowdown on the profitability of permanent jewelry. Buckle up!

Making Money With Permanent Jewelry

What can you charge for permanent jewelry?
Permanent jewelry is a type of jewelry that is fused together using a high-heat welding process. This process allows the metals to meld together, creating a strong bond that will not break or come apart with normal wear and tear. Permanent jewelry can last a lifetime, and because of this, y
ou can expect customers to pay a bit more upfront for each piece— roughly $60-$500 depending on the type of jewelry (necklace, bracelet, ring) and type of metal (solid gold, sterling silver, etc). 

How much do materials cost?
Cost for chain varies depending on the metal type. Sterling silver will be much cheaper than buying solid gold chain link. For example, you can get 4 feet of sterling silver for less than $10, however, the price of solid gold chain tends to be a lot higher and frequently changes with time.

What is my return on investment with this service?
Financially speaking, you should easily 5-10x your investment. That alone makes it a no brainer for most people. But what's even better? The minimal investment in time.  You can see a customer in 15 minutes or less. Now that's a good return on investment.  

Let's Break It Down...

So, the burning question is, "How much money/profit will I actually make?" The honest answer is that it really depends on many factors, so let's break it down, shall we? The following chart is a conservative example of what you can actually charge for permanent jewelry.

Although conservative, these numbers are pretty solid. As you can see, permanent jewelry can definitely be profitable— especially considering the time it takes to complete the service. It's pretty evident that a business offering permanent jewelry can make anywhere from $40 to $350 within 15-20 minutes time.

Get customer attention by clean visual and video

In fact, permanent jewelry could potentially increase a business' profits by 25% or more. "This is a huge trend in the beauty industry, and is really only in its infancy. There aren't many businesses out there offering it yet," —Jake Randolph, 7-Figure Entrepreneur, Social Media Marketing Expert, & Co-Founder of LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training

How do you offer permanent jewelry as a service? According to Jake, business owners should go though considerate training to learn the proper welding skills. This is pertinent to be able to curate a seamless weld and ensure your customers receive a high-quality service. If you're interested in training, LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training offers a comprehensive curriculum online. Learn from the comfort of your home, and start offering permanent jewelry in no time. Visit for more infomation.

Article credit : Amanda Randolph, Co-Owner of PMU Marketer, Social Media Marketing Expert, Speech-Language Pathologist, Wife & Mother 

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