How Tess's Experience Can Inspire You to Start Your Own Permanent Jewelry Business

How Tess's Experience Can Inspire You to Start Your Own Permanent Jewe


Tess's inspiring story of starting her own business doing permanent jewelry pop-ups is a testament to the power of taking chances on oneself. As a mother of two children living in Birmingham, Alabama, Tess found herself wanting to start a career that would allow her to make money and be around other adults while still prioritizing her family's needs. She stumbled upon the idea of doing permanent jewelry after finding only one company in her area offering the service. And from there, she took the leap and started her own business.

One of the things Tess loves most about her business is the flexibility it provides. As someone who just graduated from nursing school and wanted to avoid long hours away from her two-year-old son, the ability to schedule her work around her family's needs was crucial. She doesn't have a physical location but instead does pop-ups at private parties, salons, boutiques, and cafes. She's found great success in hosting pop-ups at cafes, where there are many college students studying and people of all kinds. The flexibility of being able to choose where she goes and sets up shop has been a game-changer for her.

But the financial benefits of her business are just as important to Tess. She can make her own schedule, set her own prices, and make decisions for her business. And in just a four-hour timespan at a single party, Tess has been able to earn more than she would working an entire week as a registered nurse. Her pricing is fair, and her customers appreciate the quality of her products.

Starting her own business wasn't without its challenges, of course. Tess had no marketing experience and wasn't sure where to start. But with the help of a business called LINKED, which offers coaching, training, and webinars to help people start their own jewelry-making businesses, she was able to get the support she needed. LINKED provided her with pictures, reels, and wording for her social media posts, which were a hit with her customers. And the monthly coaching and training sessions allowed her to see other people's questions and learn from them.

Tess also had positive experiences with purchasing supplies from LINKED, which she found to be of high quality. She bought a deluxe package from us and had no issues with it. And even when she bought the Orion through the link we provide, she had no problems with the process.

Here are some steps you can take to start your own permanent jewelry business:

Research the market:

Before starting any business, it's important to research the market to ensure that there is demand for your product or service. Look into the permanent jewelry market in your area and see if there is a need for more providers. You can also look online for information on the market and competition.

Educate yourself:

It's essential to educate yourself on the process of starting a business and the skills required to make high-quality permanent jewelry. You can find online courses, training, and coaching that can help you learn the necessary skills and give you the confidence to start your own business. LINKED is a company that offers coaching, training, and webinars to help people start their own jewelry-making businesses.

Choose your business model:

Tess's business model is to do pop-ups at private parties, salons, boutiques, and cafes. This model allows her to be flexible with her schedule and choose where she sets up shop. You can choose to have a physical location or do pop-ups like Tess.

Invest in quality supplies:

Investing in quality supplies is important for making high-quality permanent jewelry. You can purchase supplies from companies like LINKED, which offers high-quality supplies and equipment. LINKED also provides pictures, reels, and wording that can be helpful for marketing your business.

Market your business:

Marketing your business is essential for attracting customers. You can use social media to showcase your work, create a website, and participate in local events to promote your business. You can also partner with other businesses and offer discounts to attract more customers.

Of course, starting any business involves a certain level of risk. But Tess strongly recommends taking the leap and investing in yourself. And if you're looking to start your own permanent jewelry business, the financial and personal benefits of doing so are worth it. In Tess's area, gold-filled is the most popular material for jewelry-making, followed by rose gold and sterling silver. But whatever materials you choose, remember that with the right training and support, starting your own business can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience.