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Incorporating Permanent Jewelry into Your Business: Cat's Experience

Incorporating Permanent Jewelry into Your Business: Cat's Experience


Are you a permanent makeup artist looking to expand your services and increase profits? Meet Cat, a talented permanent makeup artist from Palm Coast, Florida, who shares her inspiring journey of incorporating permanent jewelry into her business. In this blog post, we'll delve into Cat's experience, the benefits of permanent jewelry training, and how it can elevate your business to new heights. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting, Kat's insights will provide valuable guidance to help you succeed in the world of permanent jewelry.

Like many artists, Cat initially had doubts about the concept of permanent jewelry. However, she decided to give it a chance. Having struggled to generate substantial profits from her permanent makeup services, Cat recognized the potential of permanent jewelry to bring a fresh perspective and boost her business. Her journey demonstrates the power of being open to new opportunities and embracing innovation.

While Cat takes appointments and runs Google ads for her business, she particularly thrives in outside events such as markets and pop-ups. These events provide an energetic and fast-paced environment where she can showcase her work and connect with a diverse audience. Cat has participated in various events, ranging from large markets to local salons. She emphasizes that every event offers value, regardless of the immediate sales. Building connections with fellow vendors and potential customers is crucial for long-term success.

Cat understands the disappointment that can arise when an event doesn't result in exceptional sales. However, she reminds us of the importance of perspective. Even earning $800 in a few hours at an event is significant compared to the time and effort required for other services. Each milestone should be celebrated, as it represents progress and growth. Cat's positive mindset serves as a valuable reminder to appreciate the journey and find value in every experience.

One of the key factors contributing to Cat's success is her dedication to providing exceptional customer service. By putting herself in her clients' shoes, she ensures they feel valued and comfortable throughout the process. Personalized attention and education about the benefits of permanent jewelry, such as convenience and comfort, are essential in converting clients into repeat customers. at's success primarily resonates with women in their 50s and older, as she emphasizes the unique features and advantages of permanent jewelry to this demographic.

Cat's success story underscores the significance of building connections within the industry. Rather than viewing fellow artists as competitors, she encourages collaboration and mutual support. Cat shares an experience where she discovered another permanent jewelry vendor nearby at an event. Instead of feeling threatened, she took the initiative to introduce herself and engage in friendly conversation. This encounter solidified her belief that collaboration is more beneficial than competition. By reaching out and collaborating with others, you can create a strong network of like-minded professionals, fostering growth and unity within the industry.

Cat also highlights the value of being part of the Linked Permanent Jewelry Training community. Joining on the first day of its launch, she expresses gratitude for the support, guidance, and collaborative atmosphere it provides. The accessibility of course content and the prompt assistance from trainers like Sarah have been instrumental in her journey. Linked's community celebrates each other's achievements, offers assistance during challenges, and shares valuable knowledge and experiences. It's a unified and supportive network that propels its members forward.

Cat eagerly looks forward to attending the upcoming Permanent Jewelry Expo in May. Such events provide hands-on experiences, valuable information, and networking opportunities, enabling artists to enhance their skills and expand their knowledge within the industry. The Expo promises to be an incredible chance for growth and inspiration.

To those hesitant about joining Linked due to perceived financial commitments, Cat encourages taking the leap. She assures individuals that if they're contemplating the decision, they already have one foot in the door. The business is not only enjoyable but also comes with unique support. By treating it as a legitimate endeavor, even as a side gig, and keeping personal and business expenses separate, you can navigate the financial aspects effectively. Embrace the journey, have fun, and reap the rewards.

Cat's experience of incorporating permanent jewelry into her business serves as a testament to the transformative power of expanding your services and embracing new opportunities. From the energetic atmosphere of events to the importance of customer experience and collaboration, her journey provides valuable insights for permanent makeup artists seeking to elevate their businesses. By following Cat's advice and being open to growth, you can build connections, create lasting memories for your clients, and enjoy a thriving permanent jewelry business.

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