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Linsey's Inspiring Journey: From Wine Bars to Gypsy Canyon Jewelry with Linked Permanent Jewelry Training

Linsey's Inspiring Journey: From Wine Bars to Gypsy Canyon Jewelry wit


Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking to embark on a rewarding journey in the world of permanent jewelry? Look no further than Linked Permanent Jewelry Training, where passion meets opportunity. In a recent YouTube interview, Linsey, a November joiner at Linked, shares her remarkable experience and the immense value she found within the supportive community. Let's delve into Linsey's inspiring story and learn how Linked Permanent Jewelry Training empowered her to establish her own successful business.

Linsey's entrepreneurial spirit has led her down various paths, including owning a wine bar, being involved in electrical contracting, and managing a cannabis dispensary. However, her innate passion for personal growth and creativity propelled her towards establishing Gypsy Canyon Jewelry. Inspired by her Spanish gypsy grandmother, Linsey embarked on a journey to create stunning permanent jewelry pieces that reflect her heritage and unique artistic vision.

Within a short span of time, Linsey's dedication and hard work have paid off handsomely. With three successful events under her belt and a growing clientele of over 30 satisfied customers, Linsey is earning an impressive $300 per hour. Looking to expand her business further, Linsey plans to collaborate with a childhood friend, an event planner in Santa Ynez. Together, they aim to cater to high-profile events in the picturesque wine country, creating unforgettable experiences adorned with Linsey's exquisite jewelry.

Linsey attributes a significant portion of her success to the invaluable support and education she received from the Linked Permanent Jewelry Training community. She highlights the diverse knowledge and experiences shared among members, fostering an environment of collaboration and growth. Linsey emphasizes that the true value of the community surpasses the material aspects of the training, as the connections and positive energy gained from interacting with like-minded entrepreneurs are truly priceless.

Like any journey, Linsey's path hasn't been without challenges. She candidly shares her personal struggles, including health issues, but credits Linked Permanent Jewelry Training for providing a reliable and accommodating platform for her learning journey. Linsey commends the community's understanding and learning atmosphere, where individuals are open to embracing humility and seeking guidance from experienced mentors. She firmly believes that investing in oneself and accessing the support of Linked can propel anyone towards realizing their full potential.

With Linked Permanent Jewelry Training, Linsey urges aspiring entrepreneurs to invest in themselves and join the vibrant and supportive community. Within this empowering environment, individuals gain access to invaluable advice, expert tips, and continuous education, all of which are essential for business success. Linsey encourages newcomers to prioritize customer service, build connections, and embrace the joy that comes from brightening someone's day with beautiful permanent jewelry creations.

To explore Linsey's captivating jewelry designs and follow her entrepreneurial journey, connect with her on Instagram and Facebook. Visit her website,, to witness the artistic beauty she brings to life with every piece.

Linsey's remarkable experience with Linked Permanent Jewelry Training showcases the transformative power of passion, education, and community support. Her journey from diverse backgrounds to successful entrepreneurship serves as an inspiration to all aspiring permanent jewelry artists. With Linked's platform, aspiring entrepreneurs can embark on a path of personal growth, seize opportunities, and establish thriving businesses that bring joy and fulfillment. Join the Linked community today and unlock your potential in the world of permanent jewelry.