Make $330 Per Hour with Permanent Jewelry

Make $330 Per Hour with Permanent Jewelry


Taylor is a small-town girl from Alabama who found her passion for custom bracelets and jewelry-making through her love for following jewelry accounts on Instagram. It was there that she stumbled upon permanent jewelry and found herself fascinated but overwhelmed by the concept. That was until she saw Jake post about permanent jewelry training and knew she could trust him to guide her in the right direction.

With Jake's support and guidance, Taylor decided to give permanent jewelry training a try, thinking it would be a great addition to her little on-the-side business. Within her first month of starting, she had already done four events and two private parties, earning a staggering $5,000 in revenue. This was a vast difference from her previous jobs as an office manager and teacher.

One of the things Taylor was initially hesitant about was whether or not permanent jewelry training would be successful in a small town. She thought that only big cities like Nashville and Birmingham would be interested in this type of jewelry. However, she quickly found that this was not the case. She posted about her new venture on social media and was met with an immediate response from people wanting to book parties and small businesses interested in hosting her as a pop-up. This showed her that the size of the town was not a negative factor.

If Taylor could go back in time and give herself some advice, she would recommend bringing signs with QR codes to make payments easier and more streamlined. This would save time during events and make things easier for customers. Cute decor is also an essential factor that can easily enhance the overall aesthetic of the event.

Regarding pricing, Taylor charges a $25 booking fee for events and private parties. However, she does not turn away walk-ins if she has the time to accommodate them. Taylor typically has around ten people at her events, which last for two hours, and she can accommodate eight to ten people at private parties.

Taylor notes that bracelets are the most popular permanent jewelry item, with many customers purchasing one or more. Gold-filled and sterling silver are the most popular materials for permanent jewelry at the moment, with gold-filled being slightly more popular. With the return on investment being seven times the cost of supplies, it's easy to see why this type of jewelry is so profitable.

Taylor orders her supplies from, noting that the quality has been top-notch. She tried another supplier and found the quality to be terrible, with stretching and fading occurring within a short period. This emphasizes the importance of choosing a reputable supplier like Linked Permanent Jewelry Training.

Most of Taylor's bookings come from people reaching out to her, but she has also reached out to business owners herself, asking if she can host an event at their location. This has been a successful strategy for her and has resulted in more customers for the businesses she partners with.

When asked about the time it took her to learn permanent jewelry training, Taylor noted that she picked it up quickly, but still practices a few times a week to continue improving. The training provided by Linked Permanent Jewelry Training and Sarah has been invaluable, with Sarah always available to answer any questions and provide guidance.

For those considering permanent jewelry training, Taylor's advice is simple: just do it. It may be scary and nerve-wracking at first, but it's definitely worth it. With a little time and practice, anyone can become a successful permanent jewelry artist or technician.