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Make MASSIVE Profits with Permanent Jewelry Events

Make MASSIVE Profits with Permanent Jewelry Events


As the permanent jewelry trend continues to gain momentum, many people are looking for ways to expand their businesses and offer this service to their clients. One of them is Brandy, who discovered permanent jewelry through a video on Facebook and eventually found her way to

Brandy was initially hesitant about making the investment in permanent jewelry training, but she decided to take the leap and sign up for the training offered on She was impressed by the wealth of information available on the site, which ultimately convinced her to enroll in the program.

After receiving her machine, she wasted no time in putting her new skills to the test. She took clients the very night she received her machine and, while there were a few hiccups along the way, she was able to successfully weld bracelets that are still holding up today.

One of the aspects that Brandy appreciated the most about the training on was the marketing materials that were available. As someone who struggles with photography, she found the high-quality photos and videos provided by the site to be invaluable in making her Facebook page look professional.

In addition to the training and marketing materials, Brandy also found that the selection of chains and charms offered by was top-notch. She compared the quality to other companies she had ordered from and found that the materials offered by Linked were of superior quality.

Since completing the training, she has been busy putting her new skills to work. She has done one to two pop-ups every weekend and has welded bracelets for countless clients. In fact, she even traveled to Atlanta to work on an upscale client who asked her to weld eight bracelets in one sitting.

Despite her initial hesitations about making the investment, Brandy has found that it was totally worth it. She was able to make back the cost of the training in just one month and is now looking forward to expanding her business further.

In fact, Brandy is so confident in her abilities that she is planning to open her own studio in a nearby town after January first. She has already secured an adorable retail space on Main Street and is excited to see where her new skills will take her.

Her schedule is packed full of pop-ups, vendor events, and private home parties, in addition to her work as a dental hygienist. However, her strong entrepreneurial spirit keeps her motivated and excited about the future.

If you are considering permanent jewelry training, Brandy's experience is a testament to the value and potential of this growing industry. With the resources and training available on, you too can become a successful permanent jewelry artist and expand your business in exciting new ways.