Permanent Jewelry Training: A Smart Business Move

Permanent Jewelry Training: A Smart Business Move


Jewelry-making can be a very rewarding and profitable business, as Christa's experience shows. She started out as an X-ray technician but found herself drawn to the world of jewelry-making. She decided to take a chance and start her own business, despite not having any experience in the field.

Christa's first step was to find a suitable location for her business. She was fortunate to find a small building of 300 square feet in a small town, which was perfect for her needs. She decorated the space beautifully, using her creative talents to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. She set up her display cases with care, showcasing her unique pieces in the best possible light.

Christa's next step was to join a Linked Permanent Jewelry Training. This turned out to be a godsend for her, as she found a supportive and helpful community of fellow jewelry artists in our student group. She learned a lot from the daily posts and found the group to be a priceless resource. She highly recommends it to anyone interested in learning more about permanent jewelry.

When it came to the training process, Christa was diligent and thorough. She went through the course twice and printed out the whole manual, taking meticulous notes along the way. She found the details in the course to be very helpful and only had to refer to the close-up videos a few times to get a better visual. Overall, she felt confident in her welding skills after going through the training twice and taking good notes.

One area that Christa struggled with initially was pricing her products. She started out charging per inch for her bracelets but found this to be too time-consuming. She revamped her pricing strategy, grouping her chains into tiers and charging per bracelet or anklet based on the type of chain used. This simple approach has worked well for her, and her clients have been happy with the prices and quality of her products.

Christa's business has grown steadily over time, and she now has a loyal client base. She has also been able to expand her business beyond her local town, thanks to the portability of her equipment. She has reached out to other local towns and has been able to attract new clients as a result.

Christa's experience shows that with dedication, hard work, and a willingness to take risks, anyone can start a successful permanent jewelry business. The training process can be challenging, but with diligence and good note-taking skills, it is possible to learn the necessary skills. Joining a supportive community like Linked Permanent Jewelry Training is ideal to achieve your full potential.