The Benefits of Adding Permanent Jewelry to Your Permanent Makeup Business

The Benefits of Adding Permanent Jewelry to Your Permanent Makeup Busi



Are you a permanent makeup artist looking to expand your services and increase your income? Consider adding permanent jewelry to your list of services! In this post, we'll explore the benefits of adding permanent jewelry training to your repertoire, as shared by Jamie, a Linked Permanent Jewelry Training student and permanent makeup artist.

Firstly, adding permanent jewelry to your services can differentiate you from other artists in your area. As Jamie experienced, not many artists offer permanent jewelry, which means clients often have to travel long distances to find this service. By offering permanent jewelry, you can attract a new market of clients who are interested in this unique and trendy service.

Moreover, Jamie found that adding permanent jewelry to her services significantly increased her bookings. Clients who come in for permanent jewelry are often curious about other services, such as permanent brows or lip blushing, which can lead to repeat business and increased lifetime value.

Additionally, learning how to add permanent jewelry to your services is easier than you might think. According to Jamie, after watching videos and practicing, she felt confident enough to start offering it to clients. This means that with the right training, you can quickly add a new service to your list and start seeing the benefits.

In terms of marketing, offering permanent jewelry as a service can help you stand out on social media. Permanent jewelry is a trendy and unique service that can catch the eye of potential clients scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. By showcasing your work, you can attract new clients and increase brand awareness.

Lastly, offering permanent jewelry can be a lucrative addition to your services. As Jamie shared, she often earns an average of $1,800 to $1,900 per event, and it takes her about two to two and a half hours to set up. With events like ceramic painting places, cafes, and wineries, you can showcase your work, build relationships with potential clients, and increase your income.

In conclusion, adding permanent jewelry training to your permanent makeup services can be a smart business move that can help you differentiate yourself, increase bookings and income, and stand out on social media. With the right training and marketing, you can expand your business and offer clients a unique and trendy service they will love.