The Orion PJ: Unleashing the Power of Permanent Jewelry Training Online

The Orion PJ: Unleashing the Power of Permanent Jewelry Training Onlin

Are you a permanent jewelry artist in search of the perfect welding tool? Look no further than the Orion PJ, meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of permanent jewelry artists like you. As the demand for online permanent jewelry training grows, having the right equipment becomes crucial. Let's explore the remarkable features of the Orion PJ that make it the ultimate companion for your online training journey.

When it comes to working with delicate chains, precision is key. The Orion PJ boasts an energy range of 1 - 15 Joules, offering you the flexibility to work with fine chains with ease. With the low end of the energy range, you can delicately weld intricate pieces. On the high end, you'll be well-prepared to tackle any situation that demands higher energy levels. The Orion PJ empowers you to handle diverse welding tasks effortlessly.


Achieving the perfect weld requires precise energy control, and the Orion PJ delivers exactly that. With the ability to change the energy in half-joule increments, you can fine-tune your welds to perfection. Whether you need a touch more energy than usual or a slightly lower energy level, the half-joule increments allow you to find the sweet spot for exceptional results. Prepare to take your welding artistry to new heights with this invaluable feature.

As a permanent jewelry artist, your work takes you to various locations, from pop-up events to remote work areas. The Orion PJ understands the importance of portability and ease of setup. With extended cable lengths and thoughtful cable management features, you can set up your workspace effortlessly, even in challenging environments. Say goodbye to cable tangles and hello to seamless, productive sessions.



A hallmark of the Orion welder series is its digital control interface, and the Orion PJ is no exception. Featuring a bright 272 x 480 pixel touchscreen TFT LCD display, this welder puts the power of control at your fingertips. With a simple touch, you can navigate and adjust all the welder functions, making it a breeze to customize settings and achieve the perfect weld every time. Seamlessly adapt to different welding requirements and optimize your training experience.

Your safety is paramount, and the Orion PJ takes that seriously. It comes equipped with two safety features to prevent accidental energy discharge. The Weld On/Weld Off button acts as your primary safety feature, ensuring that welding only occurs when intended. Additionally, the Lock button allows you to weld securely while preventing energy changes, providing peace of mind during your training sessions.

Express your unique brand identity with the Orion PJ's customizable software background. Personalize your welder by selecting from nine different background colors that resonate with your style. Whether you prefer the default orange or desire a background that matches your mood, this feature adds a touch of personalization to your training experience.



As the first-ever welder designed exclusively for welding permanent jewelry, the Orion PJ stands as a game-changer in the industry. Its unparalleled features, such as the ideal energy range, smart energy control, cable management, intuitive touchscreen, and safety locks, ensure that your online training sessions are seamless and productive. Say goodbye to limitations and unlock your full potential as a permanent jewelry artist.

Experience the power of the Orion PJ and embark on an extraordinary journey of permanent jewelry training online. Visit to discover more about this remarkable welder and revolutionize your craft today!