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The Power of Exceptional Support in Permanent Jewelry Training: Allison's Experience with Linked

The Power of Exceptional Support in Permanent Jewelry Training: Alliso


When it comes to choosing a training company for permanent jewelry, support plays a vital role in ensuring success. In this blog post, we delve into the experience of Allison, a permanent makeup artist from Wisconsin who joined the Linked Permanent Jewelry Training several months ago. She highlights the exceptional support offered by Linked and how it has positively impacted her journey. If you're considering permanent jewelry training, read on to understand the importance of comprehensive support and how Linked excels in this aspect.

Allison, who operates a physical studio offering both permanent makeup and permanent jewelry services, initially encountered a few hiccups when she signed up for the Linked program. However, she commends Linked for swiftly responding to these challenges and addressing them promptly. Issues such as initially unavailable chains and video upload errors were quickly resolved, showcasing the company's dedication to providing a seamless learning experience.

One aspect that impressed Allison was Linked's ability to gauge participant responses to the initial training videos. By closely monitoring questions and troubleshooting discussions among early learners, Linked created additional content to provide further support and address specific concerns. This proactive approach demonstrates Linked's commitment to continuous improvement and ensuring students have the necessary resources to succeed.

Allison had the opportunity to engage in a video chat with Sarah, the co-founder of Linked, during which they discussed the intricacies of meshing links together. Additionally, she recently had a support call with Taylor, one of the company's trainers. Seeking guidance on achieving seamless weld appearances, Allison aimed to set realistic expectations while striving to enhance their craft further. Linked's trainers are carefully selected for their expertise and commitment to helping students excel.

Allison emphasizes the importance of support when choosing a training company for permanent jewelry. She acknowledges underestimating the complexity of the process initially and highlights the value of having someone with expertise guide and identify areas for improvement. Just like professionals in other fields rely on trainers and coaches to enhance their skills, aspiring permanent jewelry artists benefit from ongoing support throughout their journey.

For artists offering higher-end services like Allison, maintaining a high standard of work is crucial. Linked's support helps them exceed client expectations and deliver top-notch results. Allison's experience with Taylor's assistance transformed her mindset, propelling her forward and instilling confidence in her abilities.

Choosing the right training company for permanent jewelry goes beyond basic knowledge. Linked's commitment to providing exceptional support sets them apart from other options. Allison's experience highlights the positive impact of ongoing support on growth and success. From promptly addressing initial challenges to offering tailored guidance and resources, Linked ensures students receive the assistance they need to excel. If you're seeking comprehensive support in your permanent jewelry training, Linked is the ideal choice to help you achieve your goals.