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Transform Your Salon Business: The Success Story of Tara Harkins, a Linked Permanent Jewelry Training Student

Transform Your Salon Business: The Success Story of Tara Harkins, a Li

One of the many shining examples of the success that can come from LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training is Tara Harkins, a salon owner from Ponca City, Oklahoma. Tara has been in the hair industry for five years and has been a salon owner for four. Recently, she integrated permanent jewelry into her services, seeking to provide her clients with a unique and personalized experience. She felt that this would be a great addition to her private, one-on-one salon experience, allowing her to offer a comprehensive range of beauty services to her clients.

According to Tara, permanent jewelry is still quite new to her area. While there may be a few other people offering this service, she doesn't believe that they are certified. Despite the newness of the service in her area, Tara has generated a lot of interest in her services, thanks in part to her online marketing efforts.

Tara uses different social platforms to market her services but has found that Instagram is particularly effective. She has a personal presence on Instagram, with her handle being @TaraHarkins_hairstylist. She feels that Instagram's algorithm works well for her and helps her reach a wider audience. She also has a Facebook page for her salon, Vibe Salon, as well as a page specifically for her permanent jewelry services, Everlasting Permanent Jewelry. She finds that she can cross-post and share between the two pages to reach interested clients and draw traffic to her salon.

Despite only having done five or six permanent jewelry bracelets so far, Tara has already made over $1,000 in revenue. She credits much of her success to the marketing scripts and videos provided by She has made the scripts her own by paraphrasing them and finds the videos to be a great resource. One of her clients even made a viral TikTok video showcasing Tara's work.

When it came to choosing a training program, Tara considered finding materials on her own but ultimately decided to invest in The warranty on the machine and the marketing materials provided with the course were big selling points for her. Additionally, knowing that the course was developed by someone with years of experience in the industry was important to her.

Tara also appreciates the sense of community that comes with the training program. She has already made friends in the LinkedIn group and enjoys being able to connect with other permanent jewelry artists and share ideas. She believes that proper training is essential in this field and has watched all 40 modules of the training videos at least twice. The ability to reference the videos as needed has been invaluable to her as she works to perfect her craft.

One experience that highlights the importance of proper training and certification was when one of Tara's clients received permanent jewelry from another vendor at a local festival. Unfortunately, the jewelry broke after just a week. Tara was able to explain to the client the importance of working with a certified professional and gained her trust to provide permanent jewelry services for her in the future.

In short, if you're interested in permanent jewelry training, is the place to go. With expert guidance and a supportive community, you can learn the skills you need to succeed in this exciting field. Follow in Tara's footsteps and take advantage of this opportunity today.