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Unveiling the Power of Permanent Jewelry: Insights from Spa Owner Amber

Unveiling the Power of Permanent Jewelry: Insights from Spa Owner Ambe


Are you ready to explore the realm of permanent jewelry as an exciting add-on to your existing business? In a recent episode of our podcast, we had the privilege of hosting Amber, the creative force behind "Amber Budd Atelier," a skincare spa situated in Burnsville, Minnesota. This enlightening episode delves into Amber's transformative path into the world of permanent jewelry, shedding light on her distinctive approach, challenges, and the strategies that have propelled her to remarkable success.


Amber's Evolution: Adding Permanent Jewelry to Her Spa Business

Amber's journey took a fascinating turn as she embraced permanent jewelry as an innovative addition to her well-established spa business. The episode unveils how Amber's interest in jewelry design, sparked by captivating content on Instagram, led her to take the bold leap into incorporating permanent jewelry into her spa services. This creative fusion of skincare and personalized jewelry became a defining feature of her entrepreneurial journey, dating back to August 2022.


The Pivotal Moment: From Idea to Action

The catalyst for Amber's transformation was a seemingly simple decision – the purchase of a welder. This singular step acted as a bridge between conventional spa offerings and the unique allure of permanent jewelry. With her characteristic determination and creative vision, Amber embarked on a journey to explore new dimensions and redefine her business.


Navigating Challenges: Persistence and Passion

Amber's journey wasn't devoid of challenges; holidays and employee recruitment added complexities to her path. However, her steadfast commitment remained unshaken. Overcoming these hurdles, Amber's vision culminated in the launch of her innovative concept in June, opening doors to a realm where permanent jewelry and spa services harmoniously coexist.


Success on Display: Pop-Up Events Take Center Stage

Amber's remarkable journey was propelled by the resounding success of her pop-up events, which garnered rapid attention and enthusiasm. These events evolved into personalized home experiences at the request of her delighted customers. By strategically managing her inventory of jewelry chains, Amber ensured accessibility to the desired pieces, leading to an overwhelming response from her clientele.


Strength in Community: Embracing a Supportive Network

Amber's journey stands as a testament to the power of community support. By following her unconventional path of self-learning, she joined LinkedIn, where she discovered a nurturing and knowledgeable community. The episode emphasizes the value of industry insights and the encouragement provided by a community that shares a passion for growth.


Innovative Event Strategies: Harnessing Employee Engagement

Amber's experience introduces an ingenious strategy involving staff members as brand ambassadors. By offering them free bracelets, Amber created a unique and engaging way to introduce permanent jewelry to curious customers. This innovative approach not only sparks interest but also fosters a memorable customer experience.


Lessons from Challenges: Adaptability and Innovation

Amber shares a light-hearted yet insightful incident from a winery event, where her generous offer of free bracelets to staff members led to unexpected outcomes. This anecdote underscores the unpredictability of entrepreneurial challenges and the importance of adaptability in navigating them.


A Path Forward: Embracing Risk, Innovation, and Creativity

Amber's journey epitomizes the potential for transformation when passion, innovation, and determination converge. Her story offers invaluable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs and established business owners alike, emphasizing the rewards of calculated risks, creative problem-solving, and embracing change.


Amber's journey serves as a beacon of inspiration for those looking to integrate permanent jewelry as an enriching addition to their existing business. Embark on a journey of innovation, growth, and success by incorporating permanent jewelry into your business model. Visit to join this amazing opportunity.


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