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Your Guide to Linked's Permanent Jewelry Welders

Your Guide to Linked's Permanent Jewelry Welders

Dive into the world of permanent jewelry welding with Linked's selection of welders. In this guide, we'll walk you through the features of our top-tier welders: Deluxe, Zapp, Helix, Orion mPulse 30, and Orion PJ. Organized from budget-friendly to top-notch, each welder is crafted for precision without the fuss.


Deluxe Welder: Affordable Power

For those on a budget, the Deluxe welder offers a taste of power. It's an unbranded machine with a 6-month warranty, perfect for those starting out in permanent jewelry welding without breaking the bank.

Deluxe welder

Zapp Welder: Excellence for Beginners

Crafted by Sunstone in the USA, the Zapp welder is a beginner's dream. With a 3-year warranty, a dial button interface, and a lightweight design, it's the go-to for novices looking to up their permanent jewelry game.

Zapp welder


Helix Welder: Top-notch quality

Exclusive to LINKED trainees, the Helix welder is a versatile tool offering precision. With a 1mm tungsten electrode and a power range from 1 to 30 joules, it ensures unmatched accuracy. Accredited by NRTL, the Helix comes with a 3-year warranty after enduring 10,000 welds at maximum power.

Helix welder

Orion mPulse 30: Compact Precision

Crafted in the USA, the Orion mPulse 30 is all about quality craftsmanship and compact precision. With a touch screen interface and a 3-year warranty with US-based sales and service support, it's ideal for intricate and small-scale permanent jewelry work.

Orion mPulse 30 welder

Orion PJ: Versatile Excellence

At the top of Linked's welder offerings, the Orion PJ welder is designed for versatility. With a customizable touch screen interface, safety features like Weld On/Weld Off and Lock buttons, and a 3-year warranty, it provides unparalleled control for artisans striving for mastery.

Orion PJ welder

Additional Features

1. Zapp Welder:

  • Purpose-built for permanent jewelry in the USA
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Designed for novices and aspiring permanent jewelry artists
  • True permanent jewelry welder with no modifications needed

2. Helix Welder:

  • 1mm tungsten electrode for consistent results
  • Power range from 1 to 30 joules for versatile applications
  • NRTL-accredited power supply and 3-year warranty after 10,000 welds
  • Suitable for various materials
  • Spot size ranging from 0.5mm to 1.5mm, depending on power setting
  • Exclusive to LINKED trainees for an unparalleled advantage.

3. Orion mPulse 30:

  • Made in the USA, ensuring quality craftsmanship
  • Touch screen interface for easy operation
  • Compact design with a small shield for intricate work
  • 3-year warranty with US-based customer service
  • Ideal for intricate and precise permanent jewelry work

4. Orion PJ:

  • Designed and built specifically for permanent jewelry artists
  • Ideal energy range of 1 to 15 joules
  • Smart energy control in half-jewel increments for precision
  • Extended cable lengths and convenient cable management
  • Customizable software background with nine color options
  • Digital touchscreen control for intuitive operation
  • Safety features include Weld On/Weld Off and Lock buttons

Linked's welders cater to artisans at every level, offering tools that suit their needs. From the budget-friendly Deluxe to the precision of the Orion PJ, each welder serves as a stepping stone toward mastery in permanent jewelry welding. Elevate your craft with Linked – precision, affordability, and versatility in every welder.