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About LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training

A Message from Sarah, Co-Founder & Trainer at LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training

LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training

Back in 2021, I started seeing permanent jewelry all over the place. At this point in my career, I was feeling kind of “bored” with my current work. I have always added a new service to my service list at least once a year or more. I was so intrigued by the “permanency” aspect of permanent jewelry as it played well off of my permanent makeup business. I knew I already had the perfect clientele base & most importantly, pursuing permanent jewelry (I am going to refer to this as PMJ often) was EXCITING & didn’t feel like something “I had to do” to supplement income or grow business.

The issue? GATEKEEPING! I saw 1,000’s of videos, posts, comments, & articles about PMJ. No one, & I mean NO ONE was willing to answer even the most basic question of “what machine are you using” much less how to use it. I couldn’t convince anyone to help point me in the right direction. I even made an effort to offer payment in exchange for even an ounce of knowledge via Tik Tok DM’s. Crickets. Luckily, I had a little welding knowledge from high school (funny story for another day). I knew what weld tigs WOULDN’T work & a few other things but I was basically working in the dark.

So what did I do? Spent months watching videos of other PMJ business owners just TRYING to get a peep at their machine settings, tigs, electrodes, alligator clip placement, jump rings, FREAKING SIZING, argon, time in ms, power in percent, & praying that if I could figure that out, then guessing those settings being used in conjunction with guessing what type of material they are using, gold, gold filled, white gold, plated gold, sterling silver, brass, alloy core, this list goes on. (Don’t worry, I will make sure you’re fully informed of the risks & benefits of each of the metals you shoulda, coulda, or don’t wanna use, no gatekeeping here).

I did a lot of note-keeping on all of that nonsense & finally decided that all the time & energy I spent doing it was worthless. I made the leap & spent a few grand on different types of soldering machines, mini micro welders, anything I thought could possibly work. Then I spent more money on metal material, tools, argon gas, adaptors, jump rings & tons of the wrong SIZING & METALS. Oh, & can we talk about how hard it is to find quality chain metals that weld right & won't tarnish?

What was next? Trial & error & prayer to the welding Gods. I spent a few extra weeks trying different settings, blowing metal apart so heavily that it literally vaporized into the air. I’d give up, I’d cry, I’d try again. Those youtube videos? Virtually useless with grains of knowledge. When I could manage to get the metal to weld, it looked AWFUL. Some in part because it was using the wrong settings & some in part because I was using the wrong metals. When I could finally get a decent weld, the whole chain went stiff, making it impossible to pass for a bracelet! But hey, the weld was pretty & undetectable! Progress, right?

Then? One day it just clicked, and I started recording my settings. I fine-tuned it to simple science. I settled on one of the 100’s of machines I sifted through. I found quality metals. I knew what size links would work with certain settings & the rest is history.

After posting about my new PMJ service for the past year…I was getting inquiries about training. I figured, why not? I already train students in tons of other services, what makes this one different? No one else seems to want to help so I will!

Sure, you can do what I did & spend countless hours, days & months sifting through Tic Toks, reels & youtube videos & then trying to siphon that information together into something that makes sense. The good news is you don’t have to.

So I present to you, Permanent Jewelry Training.

High-quality information that is organized & delivered in a format that is easy & convenient to learn. Not only that, but it will be easy to IMPLEMENT what you learn. We will provide you with continuous support for both continued education & growing your clientele!

Why should you train with us?

  1. We provide a machine & necessary supplies.
  2. We provide 14k SOLID gold, 14k gold Filled & other link material.
  3. We teach how to use the machine.
  4. We teach proper machine setup & maintenance.
  5. We teach proper tig sizing, material contents & cleaning.
  6. We teach how to avoid vaporizing link material.
  7. We teach how to make a clean weld without too much fire scale.
  8. We teach risk-fee welding.
  9. We teach proper jewelry fitting.
  10. We teach jump ring & charm application.
  11. We teach customer dialogue & marketing material.
  12. We teach you how to properly price to maximize profit.
  13. We provide a platform for purchasing 14k SOLID, gold FILLED & other materials.
  14. We provide ongoing support for our community.