Do you offer financing? 

Yes we do! Financing options are available at checkout. 


Do you offer other financing options besides Affirm?

If you do not qualify for Affirm financing, please send us a text at (512) 957-1604. We do have other financing options and likely have an option that works for you! 


How long before I receive my kit and machine?

All orders are processed within 3-5 business days. Shipping time depends on which shipping option you choose at checkout. Sarah and the LINKED team tests all deluxe machines to ensure quality and performance. 


Do you ship outside the US?

We ship internationally to most countries. You can view your shipping options at checkout. 


Can I buy the course only and opt out to receive the machine and starter kit?

Yes. If you are interested in the digital materials only, please contact us at for more information.

What is the difference between the different training course packages?

The Deluxe Machine Package is $2997 and includes the Pulse Arc Welder. 

The Orion mPulse Package is $4597 and includes the Orion mPulse 30 welder.

The Orion PJ Package is $5197 and includes the Orion PJ welder.

All courses include everything you need to get started with Permanent Jewelry!


Is the Orion PJ or mPulse better than the Pulse Arc Welder?

The Orion PJ is considered the industry gold standard because it is specifically designed for permanent jewelry. However, all machines are great options and curate a seamless weld. About 80% of our students choose the Deluxe Machine (pulse arc welder) because it is the most affordable option.

The Orion machines are more compact in size and have more high-end features, such as the touch screen. They are lighter, less bulky, and have longer warranties. 

With the Orion PJ you can change the energy in half-jewel increments, a highly valuable feature when working with different types of chain. Half-jewel increments allow you to fine tune your energy to produce the perfect weld. For example, when 4 joules is too much energy, but 3 joules is not enough energy, being able to set the energy level at 3.5 joules will deliver just the right amount of energy for beautiful results.


Should I invest in the Orion or go with the Deluxe Machine?

It depends on your budget. If you’re able to afford the Orion PJ or mPulse and plan on offering Permanent Jewelry as regular service, then go for it! However, the Orion is definitely not essential. Both machines create the same result— a seamless weld.

If you are on the fence, we usually recommend going with the Deluxe Machine to start because you can always upgrade later on!


Do the machines require argon gas? Do the kits come with an argon regulator? 

Argon gas is not required. It is optional. The starter kits do not include an argon regulator, but can be purchased at an additional cost. 


How much chain link should I buy?

It depends! A good rule of thumb is to have 2 feet of chain per potential customer.

So if you have an event with an estimated 30 people attending, then plan on buying a minimum of 60 feet. 


How long is the course?

The video content is approximately 3 hours long. We add bonus videos every 2-3 weeks and have 100+ pages, graphics, and resources. 


Can I finance the Orion machine?

Yes you can! Financing options are available at checkout.

Is the cost of shipping included?

No, shipping is not included. Shipping cost varies depending on your location. We offer multiple options for shipping of which you can view at checkout. 


Can I get a discount on supplies and products?

LINKED students get an exclusive discount code for 20% off all supplies and materials. This discount can be applied to all future orders. :)